The Band Project is wonderful. The balance of guidance, creativity, encouragement and tuition that tutors provide is excellent. My child has bonded with the band mates, none of whom are from the same schools, in an easy camaraderie which develops confidence, opens horizons and gives a range of different influences on musicality and social life.

Chiswick parent, 15 year old Bassist/Guitarist/Vocalist 

The Band Project is a dream scenario for budding musicians. Weekly sessions with experienced tutors, along with an incredibly low teacher to pupil ratio, means that progress is rapid and enjoyable. Sets are carefully tailored for each group, and performed at termly gigs to cheering peers and parents. The brilliant thing about The Band Project is their inclusive approach; they are able to nurture musical talent regardless of age or ability.

Chiswick parent, 17 year old Guitarist

My two daughters absolutely love The Band Project! The sessions are loads of fun, but also really inspiring for them musically. Being in a band gives them a reason to practise and make progress on their instruments so that they can tackle more and more complex songs together.  I wish that I’d had the opportunity to attend something as good as this when I was young!

Chichester parent, 12 year old Vocals, 10 year old Bassist

My daughter has been in the band project for 2 years now and she loves it! It has made her more confident and grown her love of music through a natural, non pressurised environment. She has been given the opportunity to play a variety of instruments and sing, however she has always stayed with the electric guitar as her favourite. The music/songs they perform are cool and contemporary. The teachers make the sessions fun and so the kids just love to learn and perform. We highly recommend the band project for whatever stage your child is at musically.

Chiswick parent, 11 year old Guitarist

Both our boys have been part of The Band Project over the last few years. Who they are today musically has to do with being mentored by amazing tutors in a fun and safe environment.  This is a dream place for whoever wants to be a musician and we could not recommend it more.

Chiswick parent, 16 year old Drummer, 18 year old Guitarist/Vocalist

I asked my daughter – ‘The Band Project changed my life. I met some great friends and it has made me see music in a different way. Love performing live too!’

Chiswick parent, 14 year old Guitarist/Vocalist

The Band Project has given my son and his friends a fantastic opportunity to develop together as a band and play the music they love away from the formal confines of orchestras and school ensembles.

Their tutor provides great guidance, suggestions and ideas but in a fun, laid back way that gives them freedom to experiment. The end of term gigs in proper live music venues are a highlight and we all look forward to them.

Brighton parent, 13 year old Bassist/Vocalist

Being part of the Band Project has helped grow my daughter’s confidence and given her an outlet for her musical passion. She’s made some great friends and rehearsals are definitely a highlight of her week.

Chiswick parent, 16 year old Vocalist

Being part of a band has given my son both purpose and enjoyment to learning to play an instrument. The Band Project has been an amazing way for him to experience performance, and the practice and the team-work it takes. I highly recommend it!

Chiswick parent, 13 year old Drummer


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