Everyone can do this! There is no such thing as good enough. Our bands are formed from students of similar experience and age to make sure it’s the right fit musically and socially. Overtime this enables our students to form strong and lasting friendships and to grow musically as a band and as individuals. When students join The Band Project they are not joining an isolated 11 week course. They are joining a real band that will develop and grow term after term.

Every Band Project Centre offers a safe, high energy, fun and creative environment where collaborative ideas are developed between students and tutors every session. Our bands have shared ownership of everything they learn and create – The Band Project is not a dead atmosphere with a tutor dictating the creative process! This high level of involvment and investment in their own band enables all of our students to exceed their own personal expectations producing experiences that boost individual confidence and self esteem. We actively encourage mutual support between bands of all ages which helps make every Centre a community and allows for bands to be inspired and learn from each other.

Acceptance, mutual respect, commitment and teamwork are at the heart of every successful band. Our tutors, all of whom are passionate gigging musicians, use music and the band experience as the vehicle to instil these life skills into our students so that they can use and apply them successfully in all areas of their life

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‘I was incredibly lucky to have amazing experiences very young as a musician from hanging out and playing with the top London jazz musicians throughout my teens, learning from inspiring and nurturing drum teachers who all brought something to my playing or touring aged 19 getting to watch the very best UK session players doing what I dreamed of doing each night. These experiences have shaped massively how I teach the drums but also how I personally work with our bands and how I’ve developed The Band Project’s teaching methods.

Through The Band Project I wanted to be able to pass on that knowledge and love for playing I have. I wanted to offer somewhere that musicians of all ages could come and be inspired about playing and performing music, somewhere they could access a style of tuition that was personalised and treated them as an individual and most importantly didn’t patronise them or set a limit on what they could achieve. That wasn’t how I was taught and I knew first hand the benefits personally and to my playing that gave me.

The vision I had for The Band Project is now being fulfilled through an amazing team of Tutors working on our weeknight and weekend courses and with schools to give our students a unique experience that’s had more far reaching benefits than just musically – it matters to be part of a band, its built confidence, friendships, teamwork, seen students go on to music colleges, start bands, write and record originals, perform at festivals and for some even come back and help teach the next generation of Band Project students. It’s been a special experience for me to see the impact we’ve had and can’t wait to see that happening in new Centres and Schools as we grow.’

– Chris ‘Mounty’ Mountford




About the Tutors:

The Band Project’s team of tutors are all selected for their passion for music and their commitment for sharing that with our students to help them become the musicians they want to be.

All of our team are DBS checked and go through full training with The Band Project founder Chris Mountford. This ensures they not only understand how to deliver our unique teaching methods, how to create the special atmosphere our sessions offer and what The Band Project standard is, and how to achieve it, but most importantly the ethos everything is built on.

It’s important that The Band Project experience is authentic for our students. All of our tutors are gigging musicians who run their sessions like they would any professional band or choir rehearsal – we don’t believe in patronising our students!

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