If you’ve always wanted to pick up an instrument, used to play in bands or are a bedroom musician feeling ready to start playing with other people then The Band Project Adults is your opportunity.

The course offers weekly two hour rehearsals in fully equipped practice rooms working with a gigging musician as tutor. Over the ten week course each band learns and arranges a set of four to six songs depending on the groups experience levels, material chosen etc. In week eleven all bands perform an end of course performance in a real venue for an authentic gig experience. Every Band Project rehearsal has a relaxed, fun and encouraging atmosphere to help you feel confident in your music, your playing and builds confidence. Just because your an adult doesn’t mean that you don’t need and deserve that. Most importantly The Band Project Adults is a very socially focused environment and a great way to meet new people who also love listening, playing and performing music.

We can also provide you with one to one instrument lessons to support your band sessions, head over to our Lessons page for more details.

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The Band Project Adults costs £308 incl VAT for an eleven week course – payment plans are available, please contact us for more details.

We also offer a shortened six week course for bands starting later on in a term or when you can’t commit to a full eleven weeks because of life getting in the way. We want to be flexible to make sure you can still get involved! The six week course costs £154 incl VAT – payment plans are not available for this course.

For a course to run there must be a minimum of four members and a maximum of six members in a band. Bands are open to the standard line up of Drums, Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals but we also accept Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone… we’ve even had an electric Bag Pipe player so anyone is welcome!


As part of The Band Project Adults course all of our bands have the opportunity to book a recording session in a professional studio. Throughout the eight hour session you’ll be fully supported and guided by your band tutor and a professional engineer working through your parts, overdubs, explore playing to click, basic mixing and leave with an end product you can be proud of.

Recording sessions are £84 incl VAT (sessions require a minimum of four members).

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