We always put the music first – it’s the heart of everything we do. All of our courses and lessons are delivered by a team of fully trained and passionate tutors who love music and care about making sure our students achieve their goals as musicians, whatever they might be. The Band Project offers an un-patronising taste of being a professional musician – rehearsals in fully equipped rehearsal rooms, recording sessions in professional studios and gigs in real venues. The mix of playing and performing great music that our students want to play, our committed team and the encouraging and supportive atmosphere all of our sessions offer makes being part of The Band Project a very special experience.

Have a look around and give us a call on  or e-mail us at info@thebandproject.co.uk if you have any questions or want to book a taster session on any of our courses or lessons.

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  • bg-girl-guitar We all need to be a little bit more like Coldplay… - The word band, it means so many different things – a band of brothers, to band together and obviously the context we know it best… sweat covered, long haired, committed rockers moving crowds of thousands in grimey, muddy and rain sodden fields. Well that’s what I think of anyway.


  • Coming soon to our YouTube are the new compilation videos of what's been going on in the first 3 weeks of this term! Some amazing bands, great songs and we can't wait for you to see it!
  • Anthony laying it down on The Sound - The 1975
  • When the singers are away the band will play
  • Lightning Bolt from the Skull Beats. Sounding great!
  • Skull Beats working on Parklife - Blur today in Camden.
  • party starting at Kings Cross on the way to see the Skull Beats in Camden.
  • Another little snippet of Mountford & Friends working on Cake By The Ocean.
  • Snippet of a standard session with the three eyed cats from Brighton.
  • Trosino working on Jamie T's anthem Zombie.
  • Three Eyed Cat at work on Electric Feel by the mighty MGMT
  • Working on a bit of Cake By The Ocean with Mountford & Friends.
  • A message from our dear leader ...

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